Let me get this straight, Christ Community Health Services gets a family planning contract while refusing to offer services on “religious grounds”?

See the CA article here for the story.

In short, the Shelby County Commission has decided to choose a religious group to provide family planning. A religious group that not only won’t provide abortions, or refer patients to someone who will perform an abortion, they also won’t administer “emergency contraceptive”, meaning the morning after pill.

I’m honestly dumbfounded that the so called leaders of this city have decided that people in need of family planning should be preached at, as opposed to educated and cared for. I’m the kind of illogical asshole that likes my medical care without dogma, how silly was I to assume that public policy would reflect that? Impregnated by a rapist? Well, we won’t give you an abortion, but we will suggest that you ask our sky fairy for magic help.

Public policy needs to be based on reason and fact, not feelings and faith. Abortion is a legal medical procedure. Any organization that aspires to hold a government contract in the area of family planning needs to present all options and perform all medical procedures, not just the ones it agrees with or likes. Not just the ones that make them feel warm and fuzzy inside. Not just the ones that fit into the narrow world view defined by their archaic religious beliefs.

I wonder how worked up people would be if the contract had gone to Jewish Community Health Services or Islamic Community Health Services.

Organizations funded by public money, especially in the area of health care, should fucking never be religious organizations with an agenda. This is the kind of backward shit that makes the population of the south look like a bunch of waterhead fuckarounds.

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1. nolol - October 18, 2011


2. Mad Tom - October 18, 2011

Can’t do what they’re trying to do. They can’t offer public health without family planning. The challenge to their bid will succeed, I think. Clever, though, how the theocrats get to go suborn a non-profit, then buy off a commissioner or two … and VOILA …

The County Commissioners’ meeting yesterday was DRIPPING with theocratic yapping and ritual. I do NOT want to be told that our County Mayor is a “godly” man from a county microphone, and I do not want the invocation at the beginning of the meeting to conclude with “in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ”– at a govt meeting — especially when Jews, Muslims, and people of many other faiths are present at — a public GOVERNMENT meeting. Religious expression should not be religion-specific, even if it should be there at all.

That meeting was full of anti-abortion activists, and wow, are they a bovine bunch of genetic flotsam.

3. Steve Steffens - October 18, 2011


4. Lindsey - October 18, 2011


5. pdquick - October 18, 2011

This is completely unethical practice. Women who are preached at, as one woman testified was her experience, should file complaints with the state medical and nursing boards, and lawsuits in federal court.

6. Jack - October 18, 2011

A curse upon your filthy, inbred lot. Fuck your ilk.

7. Sig - October 19, 2011

Mad Tom – Do you have a link to any more info on the challenge? I would like to think that this kind of blatant stupidity would be successfully challenged, but the level of stupid it takes to surprise me is growing higher every day.

8. Sig - October 19, 2011

Jack – Who are we cursing?

9. Sig - October 19, 2011

Steve and Lindsey – I couldn’t believe this when I saw it on the news. I have been out of town a lot lately and haven’t been following it. Fucking insanity.

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