Dear Planned Parenthood: Stop spamming me

I have been a long time supporter. I like what you do. I’m a big fan of reproductive rights. I include you in my rotation of charities to which I donate.

Jesus tapdancing christ, stop fucking mailing me shit. You’ve probably undone ever donation I’ve ever made in costs related to printing and postage. I get three fucking solicitations from you a week. Do you think this makes me more likely to donate more often? It does not. it does not so hard it actually has the opposite effect. The more you spam me, the less likely I am to donate to you. It’s annoying. The volume is far, FAR too high. Mail me once every few months if you want, remind me you’re still there. Still doing great things. I don’t mind. But the fucking deluge has to stop. Please. Or I’ll start sending you other junkmail back in your own envelopes.

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