A Confederacy of Dunces – Comments on Mayor Wiseman

Collected from the comments section of various media outlets in regards to Arlington’s jackass mayor.

What did he say that was wrong? Obama is a muslim, he didn’t participate in the national day of prayer, want’s to rename the Christmas tree to Holiday tree. But, he has a muslim emam in the whitehouse for ramadan. The guy is a muslim plain and simple.

Well, that’s his opinion.But, our President is muslim. The people that voted him in, are idiots, that will be proven wrong about Barrack Obama Hussein…Everyone read that name out loud..That’s the name of our U.S.A President…And yes, he hates Snoopy!!!

Thank you for speaking the truth. So far our president is doing everything possible to turn our nation into a socialist nation. He is also doing everything he can to turn the 911 hijackers loose. Again thanks for speaking up Mayor.

I’m fairly certain the 9/11 hijackers are dead. Something about a plane crash. Just sayin…

What happened to the children coming first? I am sure there was another time available for the President’s speech. After all, the speech and his campaign promises were in conflict. Military families have been torn apart for too long


Why should the man apologize or try to defend his comments about Obama?He happens to be a mayor who does not care for our new Muslim president,like many others so what?Last I heard this was still a free country,which is suppose to have freedom of speech (won’t be for long).Although I’m a democratic person,I don’t think that a person that was not born and raised in America should be should be president.I don’t think that anyone that is Muslim should be president.Obama has hidden agendas that are really going to surprise some of his supporters in years to come.Hilary Clinton was the obvious choice for president.She didn’t didn’t get it because she was a woman and he got it because he was half African American.It is astonishing that anyone would vote for a person with a Muslim background to run this country after 9/11.

Ok, I have to stop now, I’m getting dumber. I have lost all faith in humanity.

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