Michael Patrick is opening his own restaurant, “Rizzo’s Diner”

The facebook page is up, but I don’t believe they have a proper website yet. Excerpted from a message he sent me:

The Grand Opening will be Trolley Night September 30th. The Cuisine will be southern inspired diner fare with my fine dining twists and interpretations. Lunch 11 to 2:30 Tuesday through Friday. Dinner 5 to 10:00 weeknights Monday through Saturday, 5 to 11 Friday and Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday Day. I see no one is open Monday night down here so i want to offer all the people I have seen pulling on doors and looking in windows a opportunity to dine somewhere. The price point at lunch will from $6.00 to $11.00 range most items right at $8.00 with a few sandwiches, meat & 3 options and healthy salads. Dinner will be more on the elegant side of diner style cuisine but with a price point of $16.00 dollars to $22.00. House made desserts. We will have a wine and beer permit in the month to come.

Now, I think my track record of blatant (ok, maybe sometimes I’m an asshole) honesty speaks for itself, but I’ll be blunt; I don’t suggest you go to Rizzo’s because I like Michael Patrick (I do). I don’t suggest you go there because he’s been the head chef of the best restaurants in Memphis (he has), and I don’t suggest you go there because it will be the next “Hot new place” (it will).

I suggest you go eat there because Chef Patrick has, in recent memory, always worked for someone else. He’s always been somewhat limited by the vision and theme of someone else. He’s had to craft a menu to fit the theme of someone else’s restaurant, and he’s made some fucking amazing food in spite of those limitations. Now he has none of those constraints. It’s his vision, his menu, his food, as he wants it to be, without any meddling from anyone else.

If that’s not worth trying, I don’t know what is.

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1. Jason - October 11, 2011

Had lunch at Rizzo’s Diner on 10/8. We were in from out of town. I had the brisket which was an AMAZING slab of tender, fat juiciness. I am actually salivating as I write this and recall that brisket. My wife had the salmon cakes with three sides–squash casserole, spinach something er other, and something else. Everything was exceptional….and $20 for that kind of meal is a bargain to say the least. Thanks Michael. We are moving to Memphis area in November and will definitely be regulars here.

2. Sig - October 14, 2011

I’m glad you enjoyed it. At the end of the day, I always suggest Mr. Patrick’s food because it really is top notch.

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